Monday, 17 January 2011

A sweet moment

I cannot believe me and my new hubby have already been married for over six months. Before Christmas I was super busy and run down, which inevitably bubbled into being perhaps a little irritable with my loved one. So when I came in after a long day at work after mulling over in the car what a rubbish wife I am sometimes finding this written on our little chalkboard (G being my hubby).

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A catch up....

Hello all and a late happy new year!

Ok I failed to keep up with 'Blogvent'. I'm trying to avoid making excuses however I was trying to be superwoman in December with my first teacher training placement in particular draining me of all energy. I ended up exhausted mid-way through December (and remained so until after New Year when I'd just about had enough rest and wine to recharge the batteries properly) with a mild case of shingles which is starting to become a regular way of my body telling me I'm doing too much. Hence I'm afraid my blog became the bottom item on my list of priorities.

Anyway enough moaning, what I did manage to do before Christmas was to finish the advent calender for my nieces that I started in November. This was a Christmas present for the two of them. I'm rather proud of my effort in the end.