Sunday, 29 August 2010

Our wedding- country photo shoot

After the service, my husband and I chose to go for some photos in a field situated at the back of the village where we'd got married. Having grown up in the village, I'd been for many a walk through this field (including since I'd been seeing by husband many a romantic stroll) and it was also on my running route, so for me it was a very much a place of significance. And this is the result....

Just some more of the reception to come in a few days!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Our wedding- preparation and the service

Well it's nearly two months since we got married, and I promised some pictures. So this is how our wedding went...

My bouquet-made up of peonies and sweet peas, whilst my bridesmaids had bunches of sweet peas, and the men had Cezanne Rose buttonholes.

My beautiful bridesmaids and very handsome and unconventional best man!

Yey! We're married!

My best man, Sam, made these beautiful cupcakes which we had along with a traditional fruit cake straight after the service rather than later at the service. This meant that people who'd come to the service but weren't coming to the reception got some nice refreshment for their effort to come to see us get hitched!

Mother-of-the-groom shedding a tear or two.

More pictures to come soon!

Something nice for my niece...

Sorry I've been away for so long, and for still not getting round to putting up some more details and photos of our wedding. In the meantime, have a peek what a spare piece of material, a new sewing book and a spare hour produced last week....

Having just got married, I've now 'inherited' two beautiful nieces (plus two gorgeous nephews too), who were perfect to make this skirt for. It's literally the easiest thing I've ever made (except for threading the elastic through the waist band) and it's so cute too. In the book it suggests adding to large pockets in a contrasting fabric, but I think it looks lovely without in this material. For Mum's looking for long lasting clothes, this skirt has the added bonus that the waist is completely elasticated meaning it'll 'grow' with your little sprog!