Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sea of cards

Well I'll begin my blogging adventure by sharing a bit of my wedding excitement with you. Hubby-to-be and I are on a tight budget hence I'm doing as much as I can DIY stylee. One of the biggest tasks with this has been to create all the stationary for the wedding. I wanted a theme which was tasteful, original but reflected the country, shabby chic theme of the wedding and came up with these beauties. I lieterally spent hours on these, and they were incredibly fiddly but I've had lots of positive response so I'm happy!


  1. I made my own wedding invitations too. I picked a really fiddly design, almost gave up half way through, was sooooo tempted to throw the lot in the bin and just buy some ... but i persevered, made my (then) fiance help me and I got the whole lot finished eventually - like 6 weeks before the big day!! So they got sent out ridiculously late, but they were pretty and I am proud of my creativity ... I've also decided to never ever ever make a mass number of cards my myself ever again! ha ha

  2. Ha ha! Well done on persevering. I tried to keep mine as simple as possible but it still took ages glueing them all and cutting out the bits of paper. We did the same for our order of service too....never again!