Sunday, 25 July 2010

Goodbye Derbyshire....

I have temporary internet for the weekend! Whoopee! Before I start giving you all the crafty and beautiful details of our wedding I wanted to share the walk I had to work on my last day. To fill you in a little I did live in the heart of the Peak District, and on my last day I decided to walk half the way as it was such a beautiful morning plus it was some exercise to keep the pounds off in the weeks running up to the wedding. I'm a real country bumpkin at heart and love nothing more than wandering through fields in my flip flops and pretty skirts in the summer. I have a lot of sympathy with the wonderful Julie Andrews as she wanders round singing the hills are alive, and on my last day of work, corny as it may sound, it felt like the Derbyshire countryside had awoken in all it's glory to give me a good send off, either that or make me miss it even more!

Anyway, here are a few pics of the beautiful morning walk I had.


  1. wow. stunning country scenery - so beautiful :)
    Also can't wait to hear how you are settling in as a Mrs :)

  2. Thanks! Hope your wedding planning is coming along nicely!