Saturday, 12 June 2010

A beautiful end to single life

So in just over three weeks my single life ends, and I go from being a Miss to a Mrs. On the 3rd of July I get to celebrate the becoming a Mrs, but last weekend I got to celebrate how much fun life as a single gal has been. The day was so wonderful I felt I had to do it justice by blogging about it.

To fill you in the whole day was a complete surprise for me. All I was told was that I needed to be ready by 11.20 a.m. and I should dress 'Sex and the City' stylee.

So we started off the day with a gorgeous champagne bruch at a gorgeous restaurant called The Walnut Club. The food was so beautifully presented, and it tasted as delicious as it looked.

We then a some time before the next part of my hen (which I still had no idea about), so we ventured into Sheffield's Botanical Gardens which in the warm summer sunshine, looked gorgeous. We spent the whole afternoon bathing in the sun, looking round the greenhouses, drinking beautiful white wine and chatting. My 'hens' had also bought me some lovely little gifts including some treats for my honeymoon :) and some herb labels (eek I'm becoming a housewife before I know it! Ha ha!)

The main treat of the day was to come next at the most amazing little shop that I had never heard about (and it's perhaps a good job I hadn't for my bridal diet's sake) called Fancie. My hen's had arranged a champagne afternoon tea and cupcake about being in heaven! The shop was decked in cute china, ornaments and trinkets which I could have spent all my savings on if anyone had let me. The tables were also decorated to perfection with vintage looking china, Cath Kidston tablecloths, cake stands of cupcakes ready to decorate and to top it off, little Babysham glasses, which were so uncool and retro they became quaint and oh so cool (especially when filled with champagne). So we spent the next 3 hours supping champagne, decorating cupcakes, and eating cupcakes, sandwiches with the crusts cut off and scones with jam and cream! Bliss! To top it all off this was with the company of some of my oldest and closest friends and family, who made me feel so special.

Next comes the less quaint part of the night which all started with a quiz which was sent to my fiance first, for me to then guess his answers. This left me rather rosy cheeked at times in front of my mother. I was then presented with a naughty nurses outfit to wear for the rest of the evening which I dutifully did, and apparently absolutely pulled off! With our tummys full of champagne and delicious treats we headed back to The Walnut Club which at night was terribly glamarous and chic, and ridiculously fabulous with Cosmolitans galore and the most fantastic live jazz band.

Needless to say I went home very merry, and woke up the next day beaming.

If any of my hens read this, thank you for what I can only describe as a perfect day.

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