Sunday, 6 June 2010

This week I....

Well it's all been a bit of a whirlwind this week, with the good and the bad. However, perhaps it's a bit of a copy of other people, but I've seen how lovely other bloggers often write a list of what they've done with an acknowledgement that they're all good things, and things to be thankful for. Since I've been very good at moaning recently, I thought it'd be good for me to make such a list, with a picture or two to illustrate the lovely week I've had.

So this week I've...

Had a gorgeous barbeque with good family friends which included yummy delights such a grilled salmon and white chocolate and apricot bread and butter pudding

Picked this peony from the garden as it was hidden amongst other plants (what a waste) and enjoyed having it round the house all week.

Had my first wedding dress fitting and got to see my dress for the first time since exciting!

Spent a day with my lovely friend Jenny, whom despite knowing her for so long, I've had few chances to spend some quality time with her.

Had a two day working week, bliss!

Cooked the nicest Thai prawn curry I've ever cooked, and I got to share it with my bridesmaid Katie over a glass of Pimms.

Photo from Flickr by London looks

Spent a day shopping with my bridesmaid Katie for honeymoon goodies and bought a beautiful maxi dress(along with half the other stuff in the shops).

Had the most gorgeous hen party (for any Americans who by some small chance might be reading this, that's a bridal shower to you) I could have wished for, and enjoyed the privilege of having my closest friends around me spoiling me rotten. There will be more details and photos of this as it was so beautiful it is worth at least one or two posts by itself.

Had my first two comments on my blog, which I was ridiculously excited about.


  1. I love how you have focused in on all the lovely things to be thankful for - I think this is something I need to do this week too :)

    Sounds like a lovely week and that everything is really coming together for the wedding :) yippee!

  2. Thanks, it was really theraputic actually sitting down and thinking happy thoughts! :D Glad it's inspired you too!