Sunday, 31 October 2010

This week I...

A while back I wrote a blog post with the same title at the end of a lovely, yet a little tough week. It's been another one of those this weesk, so I decided to write a similar type post to remind myself to focus on the good things in life. So this week I;

Got to spend some quality time with my hubby and realised once again what an amazing hubby he is.

Enjoyed running in two beautiful places- along the south coast and in the gorgeous Chatsworth Park.

Made a batch of chocolate brownies which were super delicious- in fact according to my sister-in-law, they were the best she's ever had!

Was reminded of how beautiful autumn leaves are.

Had loads of fun with all my nieces and nephews.

Sung my heart out to the Sound of Music soundtrack.

Ate fish and chips with mushy peas (a rare but delicious treat).

Spent an afternoon in my Mum's cosy flat watching two films whilst supping cups of tea.

Ordered lots of material to make pretty Christmas decorations with.

Enjoyed sitting in front of the telly with my Dad with a glass of wine and a tv dinner.

Remembered what real fresh air smells like (as opposed to city 'fresh' air).

Helped my Dad out in the garden whilst listening to 70s cheese on his Ipod.

Had one of the most delicious meals cooked by my best friend (who used his own homegrown pumkins...genius), and at the same time got to enjoy his fab company.

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