Sunday, 28 November 2010


Bbbrrrrr! It's cold and snowy in England cold I even had ice on the inside of my bedroom window this morning.

Well it's the beginning of advent on the Christian calender today, and whilst my new mini-project is not going to begin until the 1st of December when people start on their advent calenders, I felt it a good day to tell you about my coming blogging project. Seen as advent is seen as a time of preparation I'm going to try and write every day in the lead up to Christmas a little about Christmas preparations in our house and hopefully share some pretty pictures of goings on too. Hence it becomes my own little blog-vent (get it?!?) calender.

Till then enjoy this.....

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  1. Snowy and icy here in Suffolk too. Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog post today. We stayed in Porth Beach House using the company 'Beach Retreats' based at Watergate Bay. It really was stunning scenery and I feel sure we will return soon.