Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Day 1- Blog-vent

I'm breaking my rules on what blog-vent is about on the first day, however, Britain (for those who live far away) is covered in a blanket of snow right now. Whilst for those living outside of Britain and where you have a lot of snow, the amount of snow we've got looks a bit pathetic. For most of us Brits though snow causes chaos. We don't get snow regularly enough to warrant buying snow chains for our cars, or for towns/cities to buy an influx of snow ploughs (though you do see the odd one knocking about). The British defence of snow is to either a) go nowhere at all which means 100s of schools close for example or b) go out in the car and end up skidding about all over the place and usually end up stuck in traffic from an accident.

Yesterday I was told not to try and make the normal one hour journey over to where I work, and today the school I'm currently working at was closed and I suspect looking at the weather forcast, may be tomorrow too.
However, snow is Christmassy and of course very pretty so my first blog-vent pic is of a snowy scene just outside our house.

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