Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 9 (and all the others inbetween I''ve missed)- Blog-vent

Quick apology post. Well I've massively failed so far with keeping up on the blog. However since my last post, the bit of poorly turned to full on poorly and all I could do is (literally) drag myself to work and back and sleep. This has of course left me behind on work, meaning I not only have been unable to do Christmas craftiness because of my yucky and full of cold state, but also because I've been catching up with work. So, tomorrow evening should be filled with films, wine and some sewing so at the latest I should be back to my proper blogging state. For now, look at these personalised tree decorations I've been lusting after and would quite like to make similar ones of my own....

personalised embroidered decoration by laura windebank designs

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