Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tomorrow's the big day....

Phew! It's been far too long! I'm on my teaching practice at the moment which has meant barely time to breathe let alone blog. However I'm back though maybe sporadically for a while.
Anyway, it's the Royal Wedding tomorrow and I've been so excited about it this week. Every programme about Royal Weddings or Kate and Wills long romance has been watched on TV, every article in the newspaper we read about the preparations has been read, and everytime anything about the Royal Wedding has come up on the news I've grabbed the remote to turn the volume up. Tomorrow I will be with a small group drinking bucks fizz out of commemorative (and very cheesy) paper cups, eating home made jam tarts, watching coverage of the wedding from 8 a.m. in the morning tilllate in the afternoon and no doubt shedding a tear or two.

Taken from MamaPop

My (slight) obsession with the Wedding is to the annoyance of my poor hubby who is so unexcited about the prospect of the Wedding has escaped to Scotland on a walking holiday with another male friend. I'm sure there are many like him but the country, and it seems the world with two billion watchers estimated to be tuning in, are ready to party. The flags are up in London, street parties have been organised across the country and the bank holiday has now started! The British Royal family despite much bad press in recent years are still loved by many, and after all we all love a good wedding to shed a tear over and raise a smile. The country is still realing from the recession, some say this is precisely why we should not be bothered about the wedding tomorrow as it's a drain on tax payers money. However, it's a good excuse for a knees up and if it brings a smile across the country tomorrow I say cheers to Wills and Kate! I just wonder why my invite got lost in the post....

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