Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A blessing in disguise

So my immune system did me well for 6 months and then has failed me miserably in the last 1 month having had two stinking sets of colds (accompanied by a sore throat before and a nice long cough after) within 4 weeks. This last bout of nastiness has been in the first proper week off I've had since December which meant I actually rested properly but, being me, after sleeping and watching TV for about a day I started to get bored and realised that being stuck inside on a sofa all day meant I had the time to do some crafting- so this is the product of my cold.....

It's from a kit from a really awesome new magazine called Mollie Makes which is a simply beautiful 'lifestyle and craft magazine'. With the first issue they included the felt pieces, templates and instructions for this phone holder which was ridiculously simple to put together but looks rather lovely! It's made my cold seem a whole lot less worse.

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