Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring has sprung...

Hubby and I managed to have a perfect afternoon out in London yesterday. The sun was shining, the blossom was out and there was another day between us and work (which is always nice). London is a different place again in the sunshine, and sat having a capuccino out on the street near Convent Garden, it felt like we could be on the streets of Rome.

Rather than taking the tube to every destination we were heading to we took advantage of that reliable form of transport- walking! In the late afternoon the hazy sunshine looked fabulous and perfect for trying out my new camera.

Having uploaded my pictures I have noticed that much of our afternoon revolved around food and drink. We headed off to a gorgeous Lebanese restaurant for dinner called Maroush on Vere Street (for any Londeners who may wish to try it). We knew we were in for a winner of a meal when half the restaurant was made up of Lebanese eating there. Boy talk about hommous from heaven!

We then made the most of one of the best parts of London- the theatre culture. We saw a fabulous play called 'A Walk of Part- The Fall of New Labour' which was very funny, brilliantly acted and also a moving depiction of a politician wanting to be an idealist but struggling to be one. It was interesting as young twenty somethings watching it depict all the significant events in world history and British politics that we grew up with too. It seemed to put a lot of various events into context.

Finally it was off home on the tube for a doughnut and cup of tea! Perfection!

What have you been doing this sunny weekend?


  1. Becky you are SO right about London being a different place when the sun shines, although it is beautiful and majestic no matter what the sun does bring out a certain extra loveliness :). I love that you guys had such a great day outside, choosing to walk instead of take the tube everywhere - I did that once and realised how close and connected everything is when in my head taking the tube made it feel so distant :P. Haha. This sunny weekend I relaxed for the majority of it while I recuperated from being ill :( would have preferred to have been out and about in the beautiful sun, but oh well :) BIG HUGS! Have a wonderful Monday! <3

  2. Hope you're feeling much better now after your break! You're so right about connecting everything in London- it's actually much smaller than you think at times! Enjoy the rest of the week (only 2 days till the weekend!) Wooo! :)