Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer photo challenge update #1

Hey all,

Well I've been off on travels this last few days including to lovely Wales which has given me the chance to start taking pictures towards my photo challenge. Like I said in my previous post I would love for people to get involved in this and there are details on the post as to how to do it.

So update number 1.....

#6- A Flower

#9-Summer food
What is better than a burger and chips in an English pub garden in the summer sun?

#14 Bokeh and #15 Summer fruits
Lovely apples growing in the summer evening sunlight
 #16 Landscape
I know this isn't strictly a 'landscape' but I love how you get a taster of the landscape in this picture of what is being seen through the cottage window.
 #27 Reminds you of your childhood
Paddling in streams= childhood bliss
 #29 Clouds
These clouds looked stunning as the sun set over the Welsh hills

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